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Building on scaffolding conveyor
Beneficiary: Societate Silozuri Port Constanta
Construction of metal poles
Beneficiary: Comet SA Harsova
Construction of covers openings visit
Beneficiary: AKER Tulcea
Grid construction
Beneficiary: Volharding BV Holland
Pipe assembly and installation
Beneficiary: GSP SA Constanta, AKER SA Tulcea
Construction of metal ladders
Beneficiary: AKER SA Tulcea
Construction supports, frame and foundations
Beneficiary: Mach Foreign Trade Distribution
Barges construction
Beneficiary: Kamar Contracting BV Holland
Building of boats, pontoons
Beneficiary: Private
Building ships block sections
Beneficiary: AKER Tulcea, DMHI, SN Constanta, SN Orsova
Construction of container cell-guides
Beneficiary: Volharding BV Holland
Vessels hatch-cover construction
Beneficiary: Volharding BV Holland
Construction of buildings
Beneficiary: Various
Mounting units
Beneficiary: GSP SA Constanta, ALPA Bucuresti